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The Department of Health has determined that although school districts have decided to close, child care programs may remain operational at this time.  If parents are working, we want families to have access to a safe place for their children to receive care. That said, we should anticipate that these small businesses may experience the same operational issues as schools, if they haven’t already, and anticipate some closures

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At this time our facility will be remaining OPEN per the Florida Department of Children and Families.  According to the CDC, children have not been an at risk category to date.  However, adults with underlying conditions and elderly individuals have been. Due to this information, we will be making the following changes effective immediately.


  1. We will be limiting the materials used in the classrooms so that effective and manageable disinfecting procedures can be done daily. Removing certain items that are not as easy to disinfect. For instance, paintbrushes and markers can be disinfected easily whereas crayons and chalk cannot.
  2. We are ensuring frequent and thorough hand washing with all. We will be implementing scheduled hand cleaning and disinfecting throughout the day including a more comprehensive cleaning during naptime.
  3. In order to limit “carriers” into our facility, we will start to lock the door in the morning and a staff member will take your child back to class. In the afternoon, a staff member will bring your child to you at pickup. This will limit any extra possible exposure to the center.
  4. If your child exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 or flu, you will be contacted to pick up your child and will only be allowed to return once testing is completed clearing your child of the illness. If you receive a positive confirmation, please notify us as soon as possible in order to implement our procedures recommended by the CDC and Florida Department of Health
  5. All parent, staff, and child group activities have been cancelled.
  6. All non-essential visits have been restricted. Only staff and children will be allowed into the classroom areas beyond the lobby.


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Little Geniuses LLC Management

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    Little Geniuses LLC is a Lakewood Ranch preschool facility specializing in STEM based curriculum
    to prepare your child for a technology driven future.